The How To Guide On Introducing New Food To Your Baby


As new parents, this is an exciting time for both you and your baby. Exploring new flavors, texture, and scent help with your baby’s development. Watching your baby’s first reaction when they taste something sweet, sour, or bland, their precious face will melt your heart.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is no specific order to introduce food to your baby.

You should always introduce one food at a time at first. This helps parents to see and make sure that your baby has no problem with that particular food. It is also a great way to learn whether your baby has any allergies to a certain type of food. Always introduce food and wait for 3 to 5 days between introducing a new food. Soon enough, your baby will be eating and enjoying lots of new flavors. 


 4 – 6 Months: Cereal & Puree
Don’t be surprised if most of the cereal ends up on your baby’s chin or bib (or even your forehead). Don’t force your baby to continue eating if they turn away and look distressed. Learn to read your baby’s body language, they are very expressive and constantly trying to engage and communicate with you.

Starting your baby with infant cereal is very essential, this gives them a chance to learn to swallow. Gradually include a variety of multi-grain cereal instead of only rice cereal, such as oat, and barley. At the early stages, mix cereal with breast milk or formula can increase the nutritional value of your baby’s meal. The familiar taste of milk and formula helps your baby to enjoy their first few tries at cereal with ease.
Once your baby is ready, you may move on to introducing puree vegetables and fruits in a month or so. Remember to introduce one type of food at a time.

Here are some food you can try to introduce to your baby at stage 1

  • Cereals: brown rice cereal, rice cereal, barley cereal, oat cereal.
  • Banana puree
  • Sweet potato puree
  • Squash puree
  • Apple puree

We recommend letting your baby try and enjoy single fruit, vegetable puree on its own before mixing fruit or vegetable puree in their cereal.

6 – 8 Months: Puree Meat, Vegetables and Fruits 

Now they are more ready for a variety of new fruit and vegetables, they are showing signs of curiosity at the sight of fresh produce after grocery shopping. Mom and dad can get creative prepping your baby’s meal with Ventray Baby Grow.

Here is some food you can try:

  • Puree chicken, beef, pork, salmon flakes
  • Puree root vegetables, potato, sweet potato, yams, carrots
  • Puree fruits: avocado, peach, pear, mango,
  • Puree green: broccoli, zucchini, spinach


8-10 Months: Pasta, Egg, Yogurt

Now the little one can have a lot more variety and this is an exciting cooking challenge for parents. With Ventray Baby Grow food processor, you can blend, puree, steam, the endless variety of fruit, vegetable, meat combination, your baby will love mealtime as much as we do.

When your baby is ready, you can introduce plain yogurt, cottage cheese, chopped pasta at this stage.
It is very simple and easy to prepare with Ventray Baby Grow processor, steam the small amount of food you want to feed your baby. Blend to rough small pieces or puree, and you are ready to feed your little one.

10-12 Months: Soups, Smoothie, Pasta, Rice Couscous

At this stage, they are ready for all types of new recipes.
Pasta, fruit and yogurt smoothie, mixing vegetable puree in meat, adding different ingredients into their cereal. Any recipe you want to explore and try with your baby, Ventray Baby Grow is here to help.

Pasta or Rice couscous: add some tomato sauce and pulse a few times in your Ventray Baby Grow processor. You can even blend up your own pasta sauce using your Ventray Baby Grow Food Processor.

Fruit smoothie: is really easy to make with Ventray Baby Grow, simply add yogurt to fresh or steamed fruit to blend up yogurt smoothie that your baby just can’t refuse. This is the perfect afternoon snack or breakfast option.

Soups: steamed vegetable meat, or noodles, add in broth and pulse a few times if you prefer a chunkier texture to train your little one to chew more.

You can also blend up steamed beans, rice with meat and vegetables, simply pulse a few times to roughly chop up the ingredients in your Ventray Baby Grow food processor.

We recommend steamed, boiled, baked food at early stages, simply because feeding your little one all-natural ingredients with no seasoning helps with digestion and potential allergic risk. Feel free to introduce herbs after 6-8 months.


At Ventray, every baby deserves to be nourished with healthy food and fresh ingredients, with Baby Grow processor you can prepare fresh meals every day with the ingredients you feel safe to feed your baby. 

Happy baby, happy life!