Tools, Tips For Home Made Baby Food


Making baby food at home is really easy, and with a Baby Grow food processor, you can try any recipe and get creative. Trust us, your little one will enjoy mealtime as much as you do.

Why do we encourage parents to make their own baby food?

Amazing taste

Making your own baby food provides parents with a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You know the taste of freshly prepared food will taste so much better than store-bought baby food.



You can modify and control the texture of the baby food you prepare easily. As your baby grows, gradually change from puree, smooth, to a chunky texture. Being able to control the texture, and the thickness of your baby’s food can make a huge difference, especially when they are having difficulty accepting new foods.


Great Nutrition

There is no doubt that homemade baby food is healthier for your baby. There are zero preservatives, and you can tailor it to your baby’s preference or need on any particular day.


Quality Control

You are in control of the fresh ingredients you use to cook for your baby’s meal. You will only give your baby the best food.


Cost Saving

Making your own baby food with ingredients at home is actually very cost-saving. Once you have mastered the quantity your baby desires at each stage. You can portion each meal and never waste any extra ingredients.


Tool for making baby food at home 

Here are some great tools to keep around your kitchen for making baby food. Making baby food really doesn’t require much. These tools for cooking are probably already lying around in your kitchen.

  • Baby Grow food processor
  • Freezer tray
  • Freezer bags or reusable pouches


Browse our wide range of baby recipes and get creative for your baby. Happy baby happy life, let’s get cooking!